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Drummond Report Proposals

Education (Elementary and Secondary)
- Cap total education funding increases to 1% per year.
- Eliminate Full Day Kindergarten or delay implementation.
- 25% reduction in budget for things like textbooks and computers.
- Class size increases: Grades 4 – 8: 24.5 to 26 students; Grades 9 – 12: 22 to 24 students.
- Increase class cap to 23 for primary grades.
- Cut in non-teaching staff (such as educational assistants and maintenance) of 11.8% of total by 2017-18.
- Charge small user fees for school buses.
- Increase funding for First Nations schooling.
- Promote consolidation of alternative schools.
- More power to Minister to sell closed schools.

Post-Secondary Education
- Cap total post-secondary funding increases at 1.5% per year.
- Keep 5% cap on tuition fee increases.
- Eliminate or reshape new tuition rebate.

- The Ontario Health Coalition has a useful summary of the proposed changes to health care here:

Social Services
- Cap total social services funding increases to 0.5% per year.
- Freeze Ontario Child Benefit at $1,100 (it was set to rise to $1,310).
- Proposes new bond system for outcome-contingent funding of non-profit sector.

- Phase out 10% electricity rebate.
Basic outline about Drummond Available online here:

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