Etobicoke North Stop the Cuts Committee Meeting

Date: Thursday, December 22, 2011Etobicoke Stop the Cuts Poster
Time: 6-8pm
Location: Albion library- 1515 Albion Road

We are feeling the weight of these austerity measures being imposed by City Hall on the backs of our community. The cuts will disporporationately affect Etobicoke-North and specifically Rexdale. Our marginalized and racialized youth primarily from the African Diaspora  will continue to be criminalized by the police who just received an 11.5% increase over 4 years

(–proposed-contract-would-give-toronto-police-officers-significant-pay-boost ), “The federal government of Canada is set to institute the broadest, most regressive, costly, and ineffective criminal justice policies in this country’s history”(

All this while the TTC is reducing service to a majority of routes that serve our community. Of course, our recent immigrants without status, un and under employed, single mothers…will also suffer along with us!

Feeling frustrated from a meeting with Councillor Crisanti, a group of youth pulled together a video. They uploaded a youtube clip challenging Councillor Crisanti to ride the TTC with them for a week. . A couple of them were interviewed by CBC Metro Morning today and they were a front cover story on 24 Hours Toronto

Join us on Thursday, December 22nd, 2011 Albion Public Library -1515 Albion Road, Toronto, M9V 1B2, ON, 416-394-5170. The gathering is to discuss, plan, strategize and link our struggles with the other places of resistance happening all over the city! (and the world)

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