We want your Deputations!

Deputations for the City budget took place over the past two days (December 7th and 8th).

Did you depute and feel like councillors did not hear you?
Were you unable to depute because of the inaccessibility/lack of options for the deputations?

We encourage all those who deputed, or tried to depute and were unable to, or wished to depute and did not even make the list, or did not know this option was available, to send us your deputation video at tostopthecuts@gmail.com. We will be posting deputations to our YouTube account so that the voices of people in this city can be heard. We will not let city hall stop us from saying what we think- if they ask us for our opinions, we will give it to them! We have given them solutions and ideas, but they are not listening, so we’ll take back our space!

You can see the Toronto Stop the Cuts Deputation here at time: 7:08:50

Stop the Cuts Deputation

Also stay tuned for an announcement of a Stop the Cuts Network wide event on January 17th- details will be available soon!

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